cmi experts - Providing unique support services to clinicians an researchers involved in non-invasive, multi-modality imaging


We offer fully-structured training programmes covering

  • the methodology of non-invasive imaging,
  • the essence of multi-modality imaging technologies, and
  • the clinical use and efficacy of imaging in clinical patient management.

Training and course materials are provided in English or German (other languages upon advanced request).

In-house training

  • Continuing education is essential for maintaining a high level of in-house expertise that benefits your customers.
    We provide training services tailored towards the in-house requirements (From Introduction to Expert Level).
  • We help motivate the use of imaging technology based on selected (proprietary) clinical case studies.

Academic training

  • Our in-house experts are engaged in academic training and have experience in organizing international symposia.
  • Academic institutions benefit from our education services that can be integrated into ongoing academic courses. Likewise we help in setting-up educational seminars.