cmi experts - Providing unique support services to clinicians an researchers involved in non-invasive, multi-modality imaging

Project Management

Research Centres

  • Setting up and operating a clinical research environment is challenging.
    Our staff and associates have extensive know-how in the definition, set-up and management of clinical and research projects. We support and manage Imaging-based Research centres worldwide.
  • Centres and sponsors benefit from our project management skills, thus. saving resources and gaining fast turnaround on investment.

Reference sites

  • We help select and support reference sites for multi-modality imaging worldwide. This includes proprietary partnership activities, such as the clinical validation of new hard-/software options as well as the generation of clinical case studies. This includes the use of case templates, the generation of snapshots, the composition of presentation materials and the archival of anonymized DICOM files.
  • Imaging vendors benefit from timely upstream marketing. Reference sites gain access to expedited on-site support of advanced applications.

Trial and data management

  • We help trial sponsors choose institutions performing high-quality imaging. Further, we provide tailored support for protocol definition, data management and data analysis.
  • You trial costs are reduced by increasing data quality and reducing data loss prospectively.