cmi experts - Providing unique support services to clinicians an researchers involved in non-invasive, multi-modality imaging


Clinical Users

  • We support new adopters of multi-modality imaging in using this complex technology.
    Based on our expertise from past industrial and clinical engagements we can provide you with a balanced perspective on system performance.
  • From our personal experience and active associate network we can define and optimize multi-modality imaging protocols in your clinical routine.
  • You will gain in confidence in the selection and use of your imaging equipment. The improvements in imaging quality will turn into a better diagnosis leading to better patient care.

Industry Users

  • We support sponsors of clinical trials involving multi-modality imaging, such as PET/CT.
  • Multi-centre trials may suffer from inadequate data quality and the lack of standardized image reading as well as therapy response assessments. We can provide know-how and support in standardisation of imaging protocol parameters and quality control.
  • Your trials become more efficient while reducing inadequate data loss. Thus, you can reduce cost and time to market.