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About cmi-experts

cmi-experts GmbH is a Switzerland-based company providing quality support services in the domain of medical imaging. The company was founded in 2008 by Thomas Beyer who has a background in medical physics. Since then, the company supported numerous international and national projects spanning from market analyses, marketing support, extending to early product development and validation to collaboration and research management.
Our staff and associates are recognized experts in medical imaging with extensive experience in system engineering, imaging applications and project management. Together we provide unique know-how to users of radiology and nuclear medicine imaging, both in the private and public healthcare sector and research settings.

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Our VISION is that medical imaging will continue to grow into a pillar of personalized medicine concepts. Imaging is a means to assess patients non-invasively at the right time and with the right protocol. Our MISSION is to contribute to the development, integration and efficient use of medical imaging modalities by sharing our know-how and expertise in healthcare product development, testing and validation, and by helping imaging equipment users to get trained effectively.

Are you a first time adopter of a new imaging system or do you like to expand on your imaging services …
We help you make the right decisions on new imaging instrumentation, including the timing of the installation and the location of these services. Our support encompasses the start up of new installations as well as developing pertinent upgrade plans for existing imaging services. This includes extensive market analysis and independent evaluations of market offerings.

Portfolio example. A reputed Swiss radiology network seeks to expand its services through the acquisition of a dual-modality PET/CT system. The challenge put forward was to do a market analysis, cost-revenue model and suggest options for regionally-variant installations of such a machinery. cmi-experts successfully completed the analysis and provided ample information and evidence to support the decision making by pointing to a mid-risk, high-return installation concept.

Do you plan to set up a collaboration project related to clinical or research type imaging methods ….
We help you and your partners define your goals, objectives and timelines to ensure that you meet your milestones and deliverables. If anchored in academia, we can support you with data analytics and expertise in the write-up and communication of research study outcome. If the collaboration is centred on an industrial partner, we can offer support through the tailored communication of key results or case studies, which can subsequently be used for marketing materials.

Portfolio Example. A global player in healthcare instrumentation seeks to engage with a University partner for alpha-testing of new imaging technologies. The project is scheduled for a 3-y duration. cmi-experts acted as the local coordinator and PI, together with jointly defined and engaged clinical experts and partners in product development. Based on multiple prospectively planned validation studies, the bespoke imaging systems were validated for various use case scenarios, a number of peer-reviewed publications were published and clinical case material prepared for further marketing affairs. Both sides took a benefit from this moderated collaboration.

Do you seek to adopt molecular and other imaging methods into your trials efficiently …
We help you integrate various imaging methodologies effectively and efficiently into your study protocol and trials. Thanks to our in-house CRO experience we understand the required steps towards setting up trial sites, performing rigorous imaging quality control and providing centralized or remote expert reader services and analysis tools. We help ensure standardization in multi-centre trials, thus prospectively reducing subject attrition rates.

Portfolio example. A large pharmaceutical company plans to run a clinical phase 2 trial in oncology and seeks to include biomarker information for therapy response as obtained from molecular imaging. Together, with a Germany-based CRO we supported the definition of the imaging trial protocol for maximum quality of the imaging data and reproducible quantitative information. In addition, we conducted the multi-centric site set-up and quality control.

Do you plan to refresh or grow your knowledge about medical imaging and radiation safety …
We offer methodological and clinical training from basic to advanced level audiences. By customizing educational materials and case studies, we can cater to a wide range of interests and needs for refresher or advanced training. For our industry partners, we help set up and operate centres of excellence. Furthermore, we also provide support for continuous education as required by national legislation.

Portfolio example. We provide a continuous training platform for medical professionals, particularly those dealing with ionizing radiation: We operate an International Training Centre for PET/CT imaging: We have produced a series of clinical case libraries for an international imaging system provider for SPECT/CT, PET/CT and PET/MR case studies.

We are grateful for the professional and efficient support provided by cmi-experts in the selection, creation and promotion of clinical case studies demonstrating the diagnostic accuracy of our cross-modality imaging product portfolio."

MG,Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Oncology Senior Director, Philips Healthcare

Working together with cmi-experts we are able to optimize our collaborations with external users. We have also benefited from the engagement of cmi-experts in training and education programmes for our Biograph PET/CT product line.

HN, Siemens Healthcare Molecular Imaging

cmi-experts provided us with all the expertise needed to break into a new healthcare market. This relates specifically to the support provided during the start-up phase of our PET/CT project, including a comprehensive market analysis and expert advice during the administrative application and licensing process. We have now engaged cmi-experts to set up a training programme for our new cross-modality imaging centre

WD, Radiology Praxis Vienna, Austria

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